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The installation ceremony of the newly elected council members was held on 1st September 2021.

It started off with a short prayer service followed by the school council members marching towards the stage with great pride. The newly appointed leaders were bestowed with badges and sashes by the Principal Sr. Lavita Fernandes. They took the oath, whereby they vowed to abide by the rules of the school and disburse their duties and responsibilities in a diligent manner. Sr.Lavita encouraged the newly appointed office bearers to work in harmony and be true role models for others.

The new council members were congratulated and wished a fruitful year ahead.

The student council for the year 2021-22 are as follows.

1. Head Girl – Ms Christina Kamble
2. Prefect of St. Claudine Thevenet House       – Ms. Kirti Oberoi.
3. Prefect of St. Ignatius of Loyola House       – Ms. Suhani Barhate.
4. Prefect of the St. Xavier House                     – Ms.Vedika Sakpal.

5.  Prefect of the Blessed Dina Belanger         House – Ms. Sanika Said.

6.  Sports leader – Mst. Shrey Nair.
7.  RSP leader – Mst. Vedant Pise.
8.  Catholic leader – Ms. Rosemary                   Valmiki.
9.  Discipline In-charge – Ms. Sharayu Pol.
10.Discipline In-charge – Ms Tanvi                    Jagade.

1) President – Ms Ryana Chauhan
2) Vice-President – Ms Numa Hurzuk
3) Asst. Head Girl – Ms Poorva Gholap
4) Asst. Prefect of St. Claudine Thevenet        House – Mst. Vignesh Mogaveera
5) Asst.Prefect of St. Ignatius of Loyola          House – Ms. Tanvi Huderi
6) Asst.Prefect of the St. Xavier House –          Ms. Riya Sonawale.
7) Asst. Prefect of the Blessed Dina                  Belanger House – Ms. Kimaya Kamble
8) Asst.Sports leader – Mst. Swayam Singh
9) Asst.RSP leader – Ms.Sanchita                      Bandhari
10) Asst.Catholic leader – Mst. Clyde                   Rodrigues
11) Asst.Discipline In-charge – Ms.                     Nishtha Kamble





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