Dear Josephites,

We hope and pray that you are keeping healthy and well especially during this challenging time of the COVID-19 pandemic. Truly it has been a long, rough patch for many, but, we are sure that with God’s grace, the support of your families and friends and the education you have received here at St. Joseph, Pashan, you were able to face these unprecedented times that came your way.

Over the years, St. Joseph’s has earned a name for itself, as an outstanding, renowned institution for girls, and has opened up a world of opportunities for them by providing quality education and all round development. Today, our Josephites are seen across the globe, serving with utmost sincerity, dedication and commitment. Truly YOU are our assets and YOU make us proud !!!

You may be aware through messages and social media posts that St. Joseph’s will soon be having a new school building. Over the years the existing building had been showing signs of collapse, although being maintained regularly. Huge amounts have been spent on repairs despite which some parts of the building started caving in. An extensive structural audit carried out called for immediate need to demolish the school building.

To bring down what was not merely a structure but a home for many and a place where plenty of lifetime memories were made has indeed been a difficult decision for us. However, the safety of our students is a paramount priority. We have to provide our present students with a safe, secure and a conducive environment to learn and to thrive, just like we did for you. Therefore, the Management has embarked on an ambitious project of constructing a new school building with exquisite facilities to meet with modern educational needs. Knowing well that games and sports activity are a priority of the school, a state- of-the-art sports field and play ground will be set up in the area, of the present school building, which as said earlier will be demolished.

The rebuilding project is in progress (a few images are added below) and we are now in need of additional funds in order to achieve our goal. We appeal to your generosity to help us by contributing to our Building Fund. Your donation will ensure that we complete this project in time. We hope that our school song “Count Not The Cost of Giving” will touch your heart and inspire you to be generous.

The Management, former principals, teachers and staff earnestly request you to partner with us as we endeavour to build a more favourable learning environment for our students so that together we can preserve our school heritage for the future generations of students to come.

Yours affectionately in Jesus and Mary,

Sr. Antonette Monteiro
Sr. Mark Fernandes


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