Celebrating National science Day at St. Joseph Pashan.
Science knows no country, because it belongs to humanity and it is the torch that illuminating the world.
On the occasion of National Science Day, a session was conducted by Dr. B. Sudarshan Patro at St. Joseph Pashan for students from 5th to 9th Dr. B. Sudarshan Patro working with IITM briefed the students about the various aspects in science relating to weather and climate. Dr. Patro then introduced to the students the conapt of Geo-magnetic energy. Its importance and use. He further talked about his research and stay in Antarctica and the type of life found there. He also shared information about the research step us belonging to different countries over the globe in Antarctica.
This session with Dr. B. Sudarshan Patro proved very informative as he educated us on the importance of a National Science Day and life in Antarctica.

Dharini N. Bhat