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The Ninth day of the Novena to Blessed Dina Belanger assembly was conducted on 6th September 1st, 2021 via Google meet in classes from Std III to Std XII. Std III was in charge of preparing the novena. The power point presentations, videos prayers brought out the theme, “Blessed Dina teaches us the value of solidarity”

To be in solidarity with another is to walk alongside someone so as to become of one heart and mind with them — to not only understand them, but begin to share their struggles, hopes and dreams. Solidarity makes us true neighbors with those who are different because we come to share a common experience. When there are misunderstandings and difficulties in relationships then forgiveness and reconciliation brings solidarity.

Blessed Dina was a kind and loving sociable person. She loved music and she loved children. Like St. Claudine, Blessed Dina had a great desire to make Jesus and Mary known and loved.

Dina was considerate towards others. As a member of an international Congregation, she developed a missionary sense. She lived the ‘bridge-attitude of solidarity’. In her pain, she united herself to Jesus in his agony and to all those who were suffering.

She wrote, “I would like to go to every corner of the earth and bring the peace which fills my heart, I would like to write in letters of fire in every heart: My God, you are my happiness.”

Through the intercession of Blessed Dina, let us pray for all those who are asking for her help. Dina told us, “In heaven, I will be a little beggar of love; that will be my mission.”

Let us be united to Blessed Dina in this solidarity-attitude, so our common Home will be more and more a better place to live.




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