Farewell Speech

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”
Good morning respected Sr Antonette, Sr Mark, Sr Rufina, sisters of the community, teachers and my dear friends.
I would like to say a few words on behalf of my friends. Today we are at the last phase of our school life. More than half of our lives have been spent in this esteemed institution.
We have made life-long friends. Today we are saying ‘Goodbye’ to it. because Goodbye is not forever. It isn’t the end. It is just a way of saying “I’ll miss you” And we will meet again. It’s been 12 long years since we entered this prestigious campus with memories to cherish forever.
In the midst of the Doll houses, colorful charts of fruits, shapes, numbers and alphabets we all played together. we didn’t realize when we all grew up. School has made our childhood so enriching, that we owe the same to all our teachers out here.
When I was first assigned my post, I was not very sure whether I would live upto the expectations as a Head Girl. However as I have always said, if you can dream it, you can make it happen.
A big round of applause to all my teachers. All of them seated here and even those who have retired, however they still exist in our memories and we owe it to them.
The first day of class five was a day full of excitement meeting our teachers and our classmates. Our active participation in events like the annual day, teachers day, helpers day, sports day, sisters day that helped us discover our true selves and also helped us showcase how multitalented we are.The audition itself was a herculean task for the teachers as they were baffled by the oodles of talent oozing amongst the girls in the class,leaving the teachers with very little scope to omit any student out of the audition. We weren’t just a bunch of 120 students, but a bundle of budding talented individuals performing together as a group.

Before we could make a foray into the eight standard,the month of March 2020 virtually stopped us from marching into the Eight standard.The pandemic struck and we were confined to Virtual Classrooms and Virtual Learning. Kudos to all the teachers who very quickly adapted themselves to Virtual teaching and it seemed like they were pros in handling Google Classroom and Flip.
Life was crawling at a snails pace due to the pandemic.The ninth standard in 2021 had the school opening up the doors for students who were willing to come to school. We more than willingly rallied to go to school armed with masks on our face and sanitiser bottles in our bags looking like aliens from the space world. Even though we could not see the face of our friends due to the masks occupying a larger part of their faces, we were however very delighted to be in the company of our friends, as Life started limping to normalcy. Gradually all the students returned back to School and the school compound was once again abuzz with non-stop chatter, giggles and joys of laughter
3 years of High School sped like a bullet train.10th Grade was a myriad of emotions, The year started with every day being the last and each day the best. We slowly began to change our priorities to academic excellence and the significance of Std 10 dawned upon us and I am sure that all of us are eagerly waiting to make our school proud.
Finally here we are with heavy hearts bidding goodbye. Parting is inevitable, however it is necessary as the end of this glorious decade marks the beginning of a new start, a new venture where we have to face the reality of the outer world. Our lives will reflect the core values taught to us over these years, values of enterprise, integrity, endurance and loyalty. We have been molded by our teachers to spread the teachings of Saint Claudine Thevenet, touch other lives and make a difference to the world by becoming a woman of substance, To my dear Class 10, Tables turns, Bridges burn, you live and learn. Hold your head high. Your dignity is the most prized possession.
The future is the present to come and the past is the present gone by. So work really hard, work in the present without worrying about rewards, work in silence and I am sure your success will make all the noise. Walk on with hope in your

heart and you will never walk alone. Keep the Joseph’s flag flying high wherever you are.
Dear Juniors, we consider ourselves very lucky to have been blessed with wonderful friends like you. We will cherish all the fun-filled times spent with you for a lifetime.
A journey can only be measured in memories and St. Josephs has given me uncountable such memories.
A big thank you to Sr. Antonette, sisters of the community and our dear teachers for believing in us and always being there for us.
A word of praise for the non-teaching staff, the silent caretakers who quietly worked behind the scenes and most importantly our helpers who worked ceaselessly to ensure that all our events are a grand success.
A Big thank you to the Student Council for being a part of our support system
I would like to end by saying
“We all take different paths in life, but no matter where we go, we take a little of each other everywhere.”
Batch of 2022-23, For more than once, let us hear, Once a josephite, Always a josephite!
~ Lymaraina Jiviam