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Days of Prayer to Blessed Dina Belanger

As preparation for the Feast of Blessed Dina Belanger special online Assembly & Novena Prayers from 2nd -4thSeptember 2020 was conducted for Classes II-XII. The assembly days signified ’Dina-as a symbol of love & Peace’.

Students related their lives to the life of Blessed Dina Belanger whose whole life was a song of love, a hymn of thanksgiving to the Lord.

They expressed their thoughts about her ideal: love, sacrifice, peace, purity and openness to the inspiration of God.

Students were deeply impressed by the thought provoking words ‘It is only when one loves deeply, sacrifice becomes a joy and small sacrifices bring peace and purity in our life’.

Special Activities such as collage making, drawing etc were also conducted for the students to make days Prayerful.

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