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Wearing a mask is the simplest act of Human kindness
Due to Covid-19, masks have become part of our daily lives. It is one of the key remedies in controlling the spread of the virus. With a view to spread awareness and to help elevate the mundane burden of Covid masks to something more artistic and more creative,a mask making competition was organised on the 12th August ,2021 for students of STD XII.
This competition had a cascading effect amongst the students who not only participated in the competition but also took a step further to prepare masks at home and distribute them amongst the needy, in their help fight COVID-19.
Students rose to the situation and came up with innovative masks using the resources available to them at home. The creativity of these students with limited resources proved that given a direction, the mind can come up with great solutions even in times of crisis.








The following are the winners of the competition:



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