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With the excitement of the festive season in the air and to begin the celebration of the Festival of Lights in its true spirit, virtual Diya decoration and Lantern making competition was held for the students of STD III and STD IV respectively on Wednesday 20th October, 2021.

The children enthusiastically took part in the competition and came up with some very interesting ideas. They displayed their creativity by beautifully decorating Diyas and making beautiful lanterns with various colours and glitters.

This event brought a lot of excitement and lit the fire of creativity within the students. They also learnt about the significance of lighting Diyas on Diwali.

The following are the winners of the competition:
Diya Decoration Competition-Std III
I Shonaya Praveen Shinde
II Saisha Nishant Patankar
III- Ovee Siddhesh Chindarkar
Consolation Prize – Neha Gupta

Lantern Making Competitio-Std IV

I Garvita Pagare
II Vivan Basera
III Vaishnavi Garje.






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