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As part of Feastal Celebration, a special virtual programme was conducted for students from class II- XII at 8.30am on 02nd February ,2021.
The programme was a meticulous and a colourful visual treat with a prayer theme ‘St.Claudine lead us to renew our strength & courage to journey ahead in faith.’ The programme showcased special prayers, scripture reading, reflection, a meaningful skit revealing the zealous life led by st.claudine.  The programme also included feastal song sung by students , dances glorifying mother foundress & handmade greeting cards prepared by students from various classes. A special tribute to the Sisters of the Congregation added colour to the programme expressing gratitude for their selfless service.
Followed by various activities were conducted as follows:
Class- V and VI :- Craft ideas-
 Making of  violet flowers Inserting one value that is learnt from St. Claudine Thevenet in between it.
Class-VII and VIII :- quote writing on the life of St. Claudine.
Class- IX :-   bookmark making having
Short poem or captions on St. Claudine ending with ‘Happy Feast Day’
Class-XI :-  Collage making  on Life of St. Claudine.
Indeed the programme was mesmerizing thanking mother foundress for her dedicated life lived with compassion & selflessness & helping others to imbibe her values & ideals.

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