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Classwise online Orientation  was conducted for classes II – XI On Thursday 25th February 2021 . The values reflected during the Orientation was Respect or Dedication respectively for different classes. 

The theme was well reflected with powerpoint presentation and meaningful video showcased , Discussion on ( St. Claudine Thevenet And St. Theresa of Kolkata (Mother Theresa), ways to practice Dedication or show respect in the present situation of CoronaVirus.

Followed by various activities were conducted classwise such as drawing activity was conducted for the primary section through which students learnt  the   values of respect. Secondary section included Activities  where students were told to stick pictures in their books showing how they respect their family members. Captions for the same were displayed along with the pictures. Self reflection activities also were a part of the Orientation programme.

The Orientation programme  helped students to realize that Respect is one of the greatest expressions of love . Respect is like a mirror. The more you show it to other people, the more it reflects back on you. Also the necessity to practice Dedication  in one’s life was instilled in young minds .









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