First visit of Mother General

Our school was privileged to have in our midst our Mother General Angeles Alino accompanied by her Councillor Sr. Monica on 15th Dec 2011.

They were given a grand welcome in the Indian style by performing Arati and Lezim.

A prayer service based on the theme Girl Child was conducted by the students. Mother General met the staff, helpers,
P.T.A members and all the students.

She spoke about the importance of St Claudine’s values in todays times.She reminded us that we are all a part of Claudine’s great mission ‘To make God known and loved through education’ a reality.


Second visit of Mother General

On 11th January 2016 CJM school Kharghar welcomed Reverend Mother General Sister Monica Joseph and the  General Councillor Sister Irene Rodgrigues with great enthusiasm.

A short programme was held emphasizing the three priorities of the 36th General Chapter of the JM sisters. The programme began with planting of the neem sapling by Mother General Sister Monica expressing our love and concern for our mother earth. A well choreographed seed dance was performed depiciting the wonderful process of creation. Thereafter the three priorities   were very well enacted by the students which gave the message of forgiveness, reconciliation, responding to the miseries of the needy and living a life committed to justice ,peace and the intergrity of creation. Finally the programme ended with an inspiring song respecting humanity and earth.

Mother General Sister Monica then addressed the entire school. Mother was overwhelmed by the performance of the students and the discipline of the school. She also appreciated the teachers for their efforts. Mother General narrated a short story giving a beautiful message that our lives are in our hands and with God’s help we can make the best out of it to help the society and world at large. The programme ended with a vote of thanks by Mrs.Satelda D’Souza. All of us were filled with gratitude and happiness in our hearts.

Blessing of the New School Building and the Sisters’ Residence

CJM Kharghar

“By wisdom a house is built, and by understanding it is established; by knowledge the rooms are filled with all precious and pleasant riches.” Proverbs 24:3-4

Let Understanding and Wisdom be the Foundation

The New School Building of the Convent of Jesus and Mary, Kharghar and the Sisters’ Residence was envisioned with much wisdom and understanding keeping at heart, the urgent need to educate and to protect our younger generation from the many evils, inherent in our society.

It was indeed through much effort, as well as overcoming numerous difficulties, that this vision and dream finally became a reality…a reality achieved with the grace of our Good God. And so, in order to gratefully acknowledge God’s Goodness, we had a beautiful and meaningful Inaugural and Blessing Ceremony of the New School Building and the Sister’s Residence on Sunday, 28th February, 2016.

There was a wonderful spirit of joy and anticipation, as many of our JM sisters from the different communities kept arriving, as well as quite a few dignitaries. It was truly, a very special blessing and a privilege to have with us our Superior General, Sr. Monica Joseph along with her Councilor Sr. Irene Rodrigues who graced this occasion with their presence.

The inaugural programme commenced with a ceremonial welcome, in honour of our special guests, Sr. Monica, Sr. Irene, Sr. Felicia our Provincial Superior, and Rev. Fr. Louis Kajar, the Parish Priest of the Kharghar Church.

A special welcome was also accorded to our dignitaries and other guests, who had assembled at the main entrance of the new building. The Inaugural ceremony began with the blessing of the main door of the building by Rev. Fr. Louis Kajar.  Our Superior General Sr. Monica together with Sr. Antonette, Principal of the school did the honor, of cutting the entrance ribbon while the entire assembly of people sang the hymn ‘There shall be showers of blessings,’ which was followed by a symbolic release of colourful balloons. All then moved to the hall for the prayer service, which began, with Sr. Monica lighting the samai, thus creating a prayerful atmosphere. The theme for the Prayer Service was ‘A New Beginning’and ‘Salt of the earth and Light of the world’

The prayer dance performed by the students of the school, beautifully depicted St. Claudine’s favourite quotation, “Unless a grain of wheat falls into the ground and dies, it remains alone. But if it dies, then it bears much fruit.’ This was followed by a reading of the Word of God. Its message of how to be salt of the earth and light of the world was meaningfully conveyed through a dance by the students.


Many Intercessory prayers and petitions were raised to God by the students and staff of C.J.M. Kharghar. This was followed by a Blessing Ceremony, whereby the Sisters symbolically lit lamps invoking God’s blessing on all those present. The prayer service concluded with the hymn ‘On this house your blessings Lord,’

he felicitation ceremony that followed was indeed a special moment to express appreciation and gratitude to all who contributed to make the dream vision, a reality. Mr. Johnny Joseph a retired IAS officer of CIDCO, Mr. Julius Pereira the Project Manager and his entire team were all felicitated amidst rounds of applause.


With the conclusion of the Prayer service and the felicitation ceremony everyone proceeded to the basement for a very happy time together over a sumptuous and delicious meal…and the meal time was indeed a time of warm fellowship and joy with lively and hearty interaction among all present. A perfect end to a warm and homely celebration!!