Today, our class teacher told us about building bridges. This is the theme of all the Convent of Jesus and Mary schools. Through Building bridges, we help people, care for each other share with other, respect others, love others and connect with everyone. We can do the above by keeping our surroundings clean, giving our old things to poor and needy people, making friends and respecting others. It is important to follow as it is very helpful to everyone. If we all build bridges our world will be a very beautiful place to live in and will be filled with happiness. Do you know what is ‘Building Bridges’? A bridge helps us to cross water bodies by connecting it to the other side of the river. We do not have to construct concrete bridges for this, build emotional bridges of love, care, sympathy, sensitivity and compassion. We the students of St. Joseph High School Pashan, promise to build bridges throughout the year and keep the school flag flying high.