At the Pre-primary level, teachers lay a lot of emphasis on the Play-way method. Games are a natural means of teaching little ones and are the integral part of every classroom. Teachers use flash cards to teach letters. The teachers extensively use picture reading to help the students grasp new concepts. The Pre-Primary section consists of 2 divisions of  Sr.K.G. The Pre–primary section of Convent Of Jesus And Mary High School aims to-

  • Promote healthy mental growth;
  • Train in reading, speaking and writing skills;
  • Adapt to the changing needs of students;
  • Help the children to adopt human values;
  • Encourage participation;
  • Build their curiosity to explore and experiment;
  • Help the children to be independent and expressive;
  • Help them to discover the talents within and make it a strength;
  • Teach them to share and care;

Thus stress on a holistic development and live up to our school motto: “To Grow,To Bloom,To Live“.