The values taught to us in our childhood by our teachers and elders are those qualities that shape our personality. These values reflect in our behaviour and lend a helping hand towards spreading humanity.

To spread this message of values to every student studying in St. Joseph, an Orientation was organized for the High School. Fun filled activities were planned for each class by the respective class teachers. A topic was assigned to each class and based on it the students made colourful posters/drawings, wrote inspiring poems and penned down moral stories from their vivid imaginations. Short films depicting the reality of our society were shown to the children to create awareness about equality, attractive PPT’s were included in an interactive session with the class teachers stressing on our behaviour towards others in our social circle. In the end, an active session of games with the classmates was organized which included teamwork and helping spirit. The main theme of ‘Building Bridges between the people of community was strongly depicted in each one of the activities.

The students enjoyed the process of learning these values through the sessions conducted by the teachers. The students promised to implement these values in their daily life of school and society.