On 31st January, St. Joseph High School, Pashan conducted the Investiture ceremony of the office bearers for the academic year 2023-2024.
The office bearers were blessed and given badges by the chief guests Mr. nd Mrs. Jiviam.
The office bearers took their oath after the presentation of the badges.
The ceremony was conducted solemnly.

Student council for 2023-2024-

School Council:
• Head Girl: Siya Nigavekar.
• Asst. Head Girl: Dharini Bhat
• Catholic Leader: Saira Johny
• Asst. Catholic Leader: Michelle D’Souza
• Games Captain: Radha Deshpande
• Asst. Games Captain: Siddhi Kamlakar
• Social Service Leader: Shreevali Patil
• Asst. Social Service Leader: Richa Menon.
• Cultural Leader: Scarlett Roby
• Asst. Cultural Leader: Sharvi Patil.

Red House:
• Prefect: Sudhriti Kulkarni
• Vice Prefect: Siya Betawadkar
• Discipline Leader- Evan Mary Thomas
• Discipline Leader- Riya Petkar

Blue house:
• Prefect: Sonam Kamble
• Vice prefect: Meher Krishnan
• Discipline Leader- Anika Khandelwal
• Discipline Leader- Melba Thomas

Yellow House:
• Prefect: Eva Alex
• Vice Prefect: Krutika Kalukhe
• Discipline Leader- Shruti Joe
• Discipline Leader- Saee Hemade

Green House:
• Prefect: Siya Vartak
• Vice Prefect: Vyoma Valik
• Discipline Leader- Meera Betageri
• Discipline Leader- Tianna Bob.