24th September, 2022 Adv. Dr.Deepti Lele conducted an informative cyber sessions for the students of Std 8th B, 9th A and B, and a few students of Std 10. It was held in the New Hall of our school(St.Joseph High School).

Dr. Lele introduced the topic of ‘The Cyber World and specified its advantages and disadvantages. She elaborated on cyber online bulling, cyber security, phishing, cyber grooming, identity theft and the importance of knowing how to handle social media. It was an interactive session, with Dr. Lele sharing her personal/ professional experiences and examples which asking the students for their opinion. She simplified complex concepts with the help of fun and educational videos.

We, students enjoyed this session and learnt a lot about how to protect ourselves and our loved ones from the rapid rise of these concerns. We thank Adv.Dr.Deepti Lele for her efforts, time and sharing her knowledge with us. We are also grateful to our Principal, Sr. Antonette for giving us this opportunity to learn more about cyber security.


Siya Vartak , Scarlette Roby and Eva Alex

Std 9th B