We the sisters of the Congregation of Jesus and Mary had our 36th General Chapter in Rome, Our Mother General along with her sister’s gather for this assembly has chosen these three priorities, and given to us all the sisters to implement for the next 6 years. Along with our collaborators to work for the uplifting of the weak, to bring peace and harmony among his creation, and to bring God’s love and forgiveness to all. So I share these priorities with you as you are our family. We together will work for the betterment of our society.



The family spirit of a “Jesus and Mary School “is to create an atmosphere that fosters in school a spirit of love and service, thus awakening in children a social consciousness with a spirit of availability at all times.

The three priorities of the 36th General chapter of the religious of Jesus and Mary do not confine only to the school, but in reaching out in service to the society at large. This is what St. Claudine had visualized. The students, teachers, parents and sisters have taken the initiative of implementing and carrying forward these priorities to build a better society.

The first priority of the 36th General chapter is “Incarnating forgiveness, reconciliation and healing “. In response to this priority, students conducted assemblies using skits, slides and hymns, bringing out the need for forgiveness and healing. Recollections, retreat and workshop for students were held throughout the year. Teachers too had the opportunity of experiencing forgiveness and reconciliation through talks, seminars and workshops. Parents were also invited on various occasions to experience the value of forgiveness.

To upgrade teachers with new methods of teaching, they are regularly sent to attend workshops and seminars held by the Department of Education and the Archdiocese of Mumbai. To carry on the values and vision of St. Claudine and her aim to make God known and loved, the Religions of Jesus and Mary hold talks and seminars in the school every year. This helps students and teachers to be renewed and rejuvenated in our spiritual values.

Human beings are always receiving from nature. It is high time we return to nature by doing our part. The third priority of the 36th General chapter is “Being committed to Justice, Peace and Integrity of creation”. 185 trees have been planted in and around our school premises. The trees are being nurtured and taken care of.

Besides, reducing pollution, trees have added beauty to the school. Children have been advised not to destroy, but rather to be responsible to see that the plants grow well. Each class from Std IV onwards, is given the responsibility to look after the plants in the school premises. Children are also encouraged to give saplings as gifts to their friends and relatives. An on-going process of cleanliness drive is carried on every week by one class. The class is responsible for cleanliness of the school premises, especially after the break.

Besides this, to bring about awareness and social consciousness, the students of 9th and 8th Std will be taken every Saturday to visit “Narmada Niketan, Home for the aged accompanied by a teacher and a parent. ” This Saturday students were introduced to the life of our elders, after retirement. Children interacted with the inmates of the Home. The aged people were very warm, loving and some eagerly shared the experience of their life. It was an eye opener for our children, to see how our elders, though coming from different communities, and walks of life, live in peace and harmony. A sense of commitment and duty filled the hearts of the students, who wanted to come back to visit and bring a smile on the eager faces of the inmates.

“Looking through the eyes of Claudine to be moved and to respond to the miseries of our time”, the second priority of the chapter, our school has started remedial classes. Students, financially poor, and also students poor in studies are given remedial classes every Saturday. Two teachers have been appointed to coach these children. At the moment 15 students are being tutored. Each teacher has been given the responsibility of one child and has to see to his/her progress through the year.

As the UN General Assembly observes 8th October as International Day of Girl Child, we inaugurated ‘BETI VIKAS MISSION’. This campaign initiated by sisters of the Convent of Jesus and Mary to support the education and overall development of girl children focusing on the poorest of the poor and who lack the opportunity both in rural and urban areas. A lamp was lit by a few girls of the CJM school to symbolize the need to dispel darkness from our society.

The assembly proceeded with an enactment showing the journey of a girl’s life, thus lighter the message up heed by the girls let me live. An inspirational video presentation was also shown to reflect and think over the necessity of a girl child. As gifts are treasures to once family, strength of a society and future of every nation. Ms. Satelda D’Souza put forth the goals  and objectives of BETI VIKAS MISSION so as to spread awareness to get everyone involved in this mission and support in reaching out to  hundreds of girl children who need caring and protection. A brief explanation was also provided about ‘UDDHAR VIKAS SANSTHA’ a registered non profit, non government, voluntary development organization, an official developmental agency started by the sisters of CJM focussing over children, youth, women in the urban and rural areas.