Leadership Team & Supervisor

Sr. Lavita Fernandes



Teaching Staff

Ms. Yolanda D’mello

Ms. Priya Awal

Ms. Jyoti Asawale

In our primary section that is classes one to four, the faculty emphasizes a lot on conversational skills, reading and writing and mental math. The creativity of students is developed and nurtured through various extra-curricular activities.

The Primary Teachers of Convent of Jesus and Mary High School, Kharghar have a list of duties and responsibilities beyond just teaching and lesson planning. They are actively involved in the physical, social, intellectual and moral development of pupils in the class. Their aims are as follows:

  • To develop children’s interests, abilities and co-ordination using creative activities such as art, music and sport.
  • To understand the needs of every child for material education, education for becoming good human beings and for divine education so that they can face the realities of life in the new millennium.
  • To sow love where there is hatred, to pardon where there is injury and to kindle hope where there is despair in children.
  • To co-operate with, or if necessary confronting parents of underachieving students to help them grow better and be successful in life.