An Orientation program was held on Monday, 27th June 2022 at St. Joseph High School Pashan. The orientation program was conducted by Father Soosai Lawrence S.J.

Father Lawrence began the orientation program with a motivational talk for the students of Std 9. He instilled self confidence, the importance of time – management, attitude management and stress management. Father Soosai helped the students to be more confident about themselves, to have a strong bonding with their classmates and overcome negative feeling. He taught the students about how one can attain true success in life. Father Lawrence had a question and answer session which helped the students to interact with one another. He encouraged the students to look deeper into their own self – discovery and this helped the students to increase their self- esteem and self- worth.

He encouraged the students to meditate daily and make it a practice in everyday life. Father held a meditation session for the students. He showed the students a few motivational videos and concluded the orientation program with the important message of loving others but loving yourself first.

The orientation organized by Sister Antonette was a huge success and made a big impact on the students. It taught them lessons that they would always remember and enrich their lives in the in the future.