As an initiative by the Pune Municipal Corporation, St. Joseph High School, Pashan, organized a Mock G20 colloquium under the expert guidance of the principal, Sister Antonette. The event was witnessed by distinguished guests, Mr. Kapil Raut, Sports Officer, PMC and Mr. And Mrs. Nigavekar.

The guests were welcomed to the traditional, upbeat sound of the lezim and dhol-tashas. Students were dressed in various attires, culturally symbolising their uniqueness and unity as States of One India.

20 students, each representing a country, zealously spoke on an array of topics which addressed foundational literacy and numeracy, Tech-enabled learning, Promoting life-long Learning and Strengthening research and Innovation through richer collaborations, in order to acquaint the students with pressing, global issues of the congruence of globalization and education.

The excellent contentions by the student participants consumed everyone in the hall, leaving a taste of a real G20 Summit.

The guests were presented with mementos as parting gifts, acknowledging their valuable presence and the participants were lauded for their efforts.